Privacy Policy

We collects, maintains and uses your information in order to summarize their privacy policy. provides quality services along with the great customer service. Our dedicated representatives are always there to assist the customers in the business hours.

Below are a few policies that a customer can review, to fully understand the purpose.

A brief about the summaries are mentioned below :

Accurate Name, Address, Phone number, fax number & email address is mandatory to deliver the shipment at the right address or even in case of a technician visit for Installation. Sensitive information such as Date of Birth, Previous residential address, Current residential address, Social Security Number is required to find out the outstanding dues or delinquents with Frontier & Dish Network. Credit/Debit Card information is needed in case of upfront payments or deposits if required by Frontier or Dish. An order confirmation email will be received as soon as the order will get processed. Taxes, fees, surcharges are not included in the confirmation email.

Use And Sharing Of Customer Information

Customer information is being handled keeping a security factor in view that is only transported to the Frontier STI or OSC authorized personnel’s in case if there is any error occurred during the process and we make sure we our customer’s are getting excellent attention and they are fully aware where their information is being used.


Customers order information is required to complete the order and request. This information includes Customers Contact Information, Package Selection, Billing and Shipping Information and other details required to complete the customer’s order.


Cable, Internet & phone business model requires demographic information. A demographic survey is being done. Based on survey we recommend cable, Internet & phone packages that includes income, ownership of the house. Basic Cable to Premium Cable. There is a price difference. We guarantee that the information provided by the customer is strictly confidential and is used just to process the Frontier orders upon customer’s consent. All the information is masked and cannot be seen or used by any individual. Note: Demographic Information may include customer’s age, monthly income, home ownership, household size, etc.

SECURITY MEASURES has variety of encryptions pre-set to protect customer’s information. Paperless & Cell phone free Environment. Order Online cable a PCI compliance registered company ensures customer satisfaction. Information given out by the customer cannot be transported through any mean or by any individuals other than the designated personnel’s.